To have nice test logs in Gradle #

plugins {
    id 'com.adarshr.test-logger' version '3.0.0'


To run any version of gradle using a docker container #

It facilitates running gradle from a linux environment. See bellow two examples combining different versions of Java and Gradle:

# Gradle 6 and Java 8
docker run --rm -u gradle -v "$PWD":/home/gradle/project \ 
  -w /home/gradle/project gradle:6-jdk8 gradle test
# Gradle 7 and Java 16
docker run --rm -u gradle -v "$PWD":/home/gradle/project \
  -w /home/gradle/project gradle:7-jdk16 gradle test

How to make the gradle test runner fail fast #

./gradlew test --fail-fast

Skipping tests (or any other task) #

./gradlew build -x test

Filtering tests in gradle #

 ./gradle test --tests "*SubscriptionTest*"